SmartSet® Thermo-Setting Solutions Technology

SmartSet® is patented in the USA, Canada and Europe. It is a formulation of nontoxic, inorganic powders that when mixed with water provide a controlled right angle set with rapid compressive strength generation in downhole conditions. Time from mixing the slurry to the right angle set can be engineered within minutes as desired with zero gel strength generation between the fluid and set states.

SmartSet® slurries are engineered for each application based on job placement time and temperature at depth. The slurry will be a combination of either SmartSet® LT, MT or HT (low, medium or high-temperature products) together with C-Set, M-Set Ultra and I-Set (inhibitor) if required.

Physical Properties

  • Excellent insulator.
  • 100% acid soluble with 15% HCl – allowing clean-up after production zone operations.
  • Excellent bond – to formation, steel and salt formations.
  • Does not shrink.
  • Thermally stable up to 400°C once set.
  • Density of 1.6 SG (13.5 ppg) – can be in creased or decreased.
  • Impermeable when set – effective barrier.
  • Particle size : median of 7 microns.

Key Operational Characteristics

  • Zero gel strength generation – thin fluid until reaches set point providing very low friction pressures in coiled tubing appications, tubing or drill pipe including most BHA components including the BIT (viscosity can be increased through additives).
  • Right angle set – thin fluid to immovable solid within 120 seconds at set point always - key to stopping gas influx (time to set point can be delayed with I-Set) eliminates channeling.
  • Withstands 30% contamination (organic or inorganic) with no effect on set time characteristics.
  • Rapid compressive strength development - average compressive strength is 4,000 psi.
  • Unaffected by hydrostatic pressure – set is only affected by time and temperature.
  • Near wellbore phenomenum – within its normal temperature range (35 °C - 135 °C) it sets up faster in the wellbore periphery than in the actual wellbore, unless a squeeze is required. For colder applications an accelerator may be required.
  • Easy to drill with no cuttings – approximately 10m/hr using water, coiled tubing and motor.
  • Easy to clean up on job – can be diluted with water.
  • Environmentally friendly – all materials are completely non-toxic (OCNS category D/E).
  • Will not allow filter cake deposition.

Why SmartSet® ?

Thin fluid when mixed

  • Keeps low viscosity till set point.
  • Can be pumped through bit.
  • Does not develop gel strength (unlike cement) and is unaffected by hydrostatics.
  • Smartset is only affected by time and temperatute.

Right angle set < 120 second transition time

  • Key to stopping gas influx from formation.
  • Predictable linear relationship between set time and temperature.
  • Jobs planned to have slurry in right place when set happens.
  • Sets even if 30% contamination with wellbore fluids.
  • 100% formation protection in production zones.